The prehistoric age comes to life through the magic of animatronic technology when DINOSAURS! returns this summer for a sixth earth-shaking season at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

The wooded path around Waterfowl Lake will tremble with the roar of 20 animatronic dinosaurs, six of which will be making their Zoo debut, including Quetzalcoatlus, one of the largest flying creatures that ever lived, and Troodon, one of the first fossilized dinosaurs found in North America. They will be appearing alongside returning favorites such as the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex and the towering Brachiosaurus.

People of all ages are fascinated with these prehistoric beasts, making them one of the most popular seasonal exhibits ever mounted at the Zoo. Created and built by the Billings Production Co. of McKinney, Texas, the larger-than-life robotic dinos at the Zoo will capture the imaginations of visitors from the ages of 1 to 101.