Lesson - C2A Visit Follow-up Activity - Understanding Animal Behavior

This activity is designed to start your students in recognizing themselves as scientists and thinking critically about problem-solving. The goal is to teach concepts through discovery and to encourage using scientific thought processes. As with all lessons provided, please feel free to adapt them according to your students’ abilities. You may find it more successful to lead activities and discussions as a whole group rather than using individual Research Plan sheets. Certain scientific vocabulary may or may not be appropriate for your students’ level of understanding. Take these ideas, make them your own and your students will have a greater chance at success.

Ohio Standards include -

Life Science Topic: Interactions with Ecosystems - Organisms perform a variety of roles in an ecosystem

National Standards include-

Grades K-4 - Science as Inquiry: Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry and Understandings about scientific inquiry

Grades K-4 - Life Science: Characteristics of an organism; Organisms and environment

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Types of resources; Changes in environment; Science and technology in local challenges

Grades 5-8 - Science as Inquiry: Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry; Understanding about scientific inquiry

Grades 5-8 - Life Science: Structure and function in living systems; Regulation and behavior; Populations and ecosystems; Diversity and adaptations of organisms

Grades 5-8 - Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Populations, resources and environment; Natural hazards; Science and technology in science


Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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